Úna Burke


Current Collection (Autumn/Winter 2012):cuff..._4.c6_-_spider_cuff_6_bag..._4.fbb_-_filigree_barrel_bag

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necklace..._4.fn1_-_filigree_necklace_1_0photo from notjustalabel.com


photo from notjustalabel.com

Last collection (Spring/Summer 2012):


The Bodice 2, $1,404.00 is made from 100% vegetable tanned leather. It is entirely handmade in my studio in South London using only British vegetable tanned leather and Italian brass fittings. Vegetable tanning is a more natural process than that of chrome tanned leathers therefore it is easier on the environment. This leather is very delicate and will change over time with use, ageing with grace. Available in Elephant, Nude, Black or any other colour from the colour card. Please state your preferences by using the Comment box during Checkout. Made to Order.



Shell Handbag







Now…who doesn’t want this Hunchback Jacket! Love!
Hunchback Jacket






The works of Úna Burke are commonly restrictive silhouettes but her most current collection has developed into a more fluid and gentle balance. I fell each item gently curves and twist about on the body. Her skills in leatherworking has created this element powerful enough to give life to her pieces. Be it her necklace’s or the dominating belt that secures the waist. Each one as powerful as the next. Leaving the admirer wanting to look for more.

I was overwhelmed when I first discovered Úna Burke. Her pieces were so detailed and exquisitely made I had to stop and admire each piece up close and from a far. Both aspects you see and feel something different about her pieces.

Her work in her latest collection is definitely a bit looser, that is to say, not as confining. I feel she let go a bit and used her craftsmanship to let the materials do as it may wish without it being too forced.

I hope you enjoy her current collection as much as I do and give her past collections a look at as well. And keep a sharp eye out on the horizon for her because she is not done yet!

You can also purchase some of her works at http://www.notjustalabel.com

About Úna Burke, from her website: www.unaburke.com

Through my work I continually aim to create leather objects which are both visually captivating and technically challenging. They are indefinable as particular garments, avoiding being placed into the conventional categories of the fashion industry. They are free to exist as wearable objects, to be interpreted independently by each individual. I use traditional leatherworking techniques to produce these evocative, conceptual creations and in doing this I hope to encourage a new and more modern appreciation for leather craftsmanship, presenting the possibilities achievable through the use of this material in both the areas of visual art and of functional design.www.unaburke.com