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I’ve always been a tech geek; I have a passion for the newest technology and for products companies have integrated all the newest concepts into. I, personally, have a few of the latest items, including both home goods and the recently released iPhone 6. Seeing all the latest developments in both the fashion and technology industries has gotten me into a tizzy… There are exceptional facets of technology and fashion merging together and, half the time, the technology is unnoticeable until it’s pointed out! Truly amazing!

So, with this in mind, you can understand the feeling of awe I had when I first saw the beautifully crafted crystal jewel locket with a hidden tech secret. What a beautiful necklace, I thought. Very mod and sleek, looking like a cool gem hanging; I love the look of it. After a second look, though, I noticed the earphone cord coming out of it and I couldn’t believe it. This chic necklace pendant is actually a headphone locket? How can this be? Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? And where can I get one ASAP!?

Ok, think calming thoughts…

I tend to get overly excited when I see such wonderful and fun products come to life. I want to tell the whole world, “Hey, this is awesome, check it out!” I want to buy it and wear it everywhere and when someone asks about it, I can show what it actually is and see the person light up just as I did.

The Earbud Locket is a first-of-its-kind chic wearable technology. The jeweled beveled earbuds provide long-lasting comfort and easy access to bluetooth premium sound for wireless music and phone calls. This wearable technology really has never been so functional and beautiful as it is with the Earbud Locket. The premium sound and design of this technology had me at “Hello!” for hours on the phone or listening to music without compromising style.

After doing some research on the maker of the Earbud Locket, I found that Stellé Audio is a California company known for defining fashion audio. They have a wide assortment of other equally inventive products for the music lover. One of my other favorites you should check out is their Mini-Clutch Speaker in Dazzling Diamond, which is just as it sounds: a clutch and speaker system in one! Oh, and it also has a built in mirror! How perfect!

Now I can be a fashionista just rocking out to my music wherever I go!

Be on the lookout for Stellé Audio Earbud Locket to be releasing soon!

Check out the Stellé Audio website here.


All Photos: Stellé Audio

Copy Ed: Danielle Scaramuzzo