Myung Jin Ji

myung-jin-ji Photo Parsons






Above photos from Parsons.2nd panel Thesis process 2

1st panel thesis process b-a4

CFDA Final collection 1(6)section_Colored



My latest new talent love is Myung Jin Ji. She is a women’s RTW designer who recently graduated in May 2013, from Parsons The New School for design with a BFA fashion design major. Theses are the few designs she created for her Parsons runway show.

Her thesis collection is called Evolutio, from the english word evolution. I even find her thesis conceptual drawings are pure works of art. You get to see a real behind the scenes on how at her mind thinks. A unique vision on her conception on how she gets her outfits to conform to these organic and beautiful shapes.

She said: “I let the materials lead the silhouette of my designs. The 2D grid was translated onto a 3D structure and then I played with scale, shape, and texture around the body. I then developed a technique where I combined all the materials together into one. Just as the 2D grid is based on X, Y points that consists of infinite number of points, so does the development and experimentation of this collection.”

(Excerpt from MTV Style article found here)

Thank you Myung Jin Ji for allowing me to post your work and beautiful visionary drawings.

Can’t wait to see what she is going to do next!