Just the other day I was starting to make out my Holiday Gift list when I came across a new jewelry line of rings called LoveInPink.  As soon as I clicked on their link, I fell in love with their stackable bands! Not only are rings “so hot” right now, these rings really conform to the layering effect that I have been dying to find! This not only put them on the top of my wish list, I even had to write a special post about them!

First off, I just have to say that I love the name LoveInPink! It sums up my love for pink perfectly! Looking at the ring collection from LoveInPink, you can see that they really love using pink sapphires as their signature element; this stone is one of my favorites because it really makes the person wearing it feel special and glamorous. They say that this cherished gemstone restores one’s internal balance… I, for one, could really use that!

Each piece of jewelry is adorned with symbols, meaningful words and gorgeous diamonds. I especially love that each unique ring also sends an inspirational message.

Each piece of jewelry is made with the highest quality materials, including fine sterling silver and 14K gold. LoveInPink designers hand select these elegant pink stones for the finest colors. Each ring is created independently to ensure that the high-res letters on their jewelry, which are unique to their designs, are clear and precise so that you can share your message with the world.What words are meaningful to you? Make different combinations with their rings to form a connection with your personal journey. Everyone walks a different path in life, let the LoveInPink rings represent yours.

LoveInPink‘s ring collection has been such a hit that they’ve recently decided to expand and are now also sharing their symbols of love as necklaces. Just as beautifully made as their rings, the 14K white gold charm necklaces showcase unique design. They, of course, include LoveInPink‘s signature element, a brilliant pink sapphire, which elegantly dangles in the back. The long shape of the necklace is a favorite of mine and the gemstone in the back makes these gorgeous from every angle! Now, not only can you have your gorgeous stack of rings but you can have the added flare of a beautiful necklace to go with!

For me, LoveInPink symbolizes a woman’s wisdom, strength and love. Through their collections, they encourage every woman to express her feelings and inspire her peers. I know if my girlfriends saw me wearing a stack of LoveInPink, it would inspire them to run out and get their own!

Check out all the wonderful pieces at LoveInPink‘s website here.




Copy Ed: Danielle Scaramuzzo