Enchanted Plastic




Liz #1



Liz #2



Jane #4



Carol #1


Elle #1

I was enchanted when I first saw an image from this collection on Instagram. Looking at the creator’s page, I bumped into her personal home where she had a blowup of Liz #1 in her hallway. I was totally in love. The photo looked amazing in her all white hallway and the image came to life. I had to look further into who this was and their photo collection. I was so pleased to see the entire ‘barbie’ collection online called “A Vintage Girl in a Modern World,” a selection of highly skilled portraits by husband and wife, David & Ginger Harris. This introductory series was conceived and styled by Ginger and Photographed and Illustrated by David. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, David and Ginger’s toy photography, until now, could only be found in private collections. With limited edition prints, these framed images can find a place in children’s rooms, homes, offices, hotels and restaurants.

I also discovered that Ginger Harris is a Miami fashion blogger behind Electric Blogarella, contributing her perspectives on fashion and beauty to the blogosphere. It’s a domain she knows well, as she’s spent more than a decade working as a fashion and beauty, entertainment and pop culture writer and editor for publications like JuliB.com, Z-Life Magazine, Miami Magazine, Six Degrees, Zink and the Knight Arts Foundation. She is currently the DailyCandy Miami editor, regularly appears on NBC6 as a style expert and has been featured on the Today show, as well as in Marie Claire and Self magazines. In additional to freelancing for NBCMiami.com and Miami New Times, she is a member of Miami Art Museum’s Contemporaries Steering Committee, a devout yogi and a mom to a scene-stealing 5 year old who regularly appears on her blog.

Check out their website, EnchantedPlastic.com they have 5 different barbies that they photographed and each 12×12 image starts at $150.00.

Large scale prints are available upon request.

Also for the latest fashion posts from Ginger, check her out at: Electric Blogarella!
I sure did! Now I’m a big fan, thanks Ginger!