Apricot -The new hair color?


Absolutely beautiful hair, no? I’m loving IT!! The new shape and the amazing color just blew me away. How unique. Still has the subtle ombré effect in the apricot reddish hair, which I’m loving. Wish I could get my hair ombré. I dont have the guts. Those that do I’m so envious….I would love to be at the center of attention with such a unique color and angular shape.

Incerpt from Fashionista.com article: http://fashionista.com/2013/04/apricot-might-just-be-the-next-it-hair-color/

Yesterday at a fall trend and product event, Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s global artistic director for hair color, presented his hair color trend predictions for fall and beyond. The big news? Red is still going to be popular, but expect to see it in a completely different way: meet apricot.

Black called the shade a “pastelized” version of copper, and it’s kind of a combination of all the current hair trends–pastel, ombre, red–rolled into one. He presented the color as a way for blondes to try red without going too dark or brassy in the process, and for redheads to get a taste of the blonde life.

This is probably not a DIY shade (though if it takes off, we have no doubt that someone will figure out how to do it at home and helpfully share it on YouTube). If you want to try apricot, Black told us what you should tell your colorist:

• You should have light hair as a base color.
• Start with a copper base at the roots, keeping it darker there, then pull the color through to the ends.
• Add “creamy” blonde over the top to get the pastel effect. Different color gradients are desirable–Black said the trend for hair in general is to not be too perfect.

You don’t need to go quite so… apricot-y either, if a big statement isn’t your thing. A model at the event had a more toned down version of the color and it was like a modern strawberry blonde, except the color was warmer.

So, apricot? Yea or nay