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image1 colorMy favorite Shabby Apple skirt is called Mosaic.


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Recently, a company called Shabby Apple reached out to me about working together. Even though I hadn’t heard of their company before, I was excited to explore what they’re all about. What I discovered was a wonderfully, classy-cool vintage-inspired clothing company. And little did they know, I’m a huge fan of the vintage scene! I’m an avid collector of vintage handbags and clothing alike but it would also be nice to buy pieces that are new to add to that collection. That’s where Shabby Apple comes in.

I found all of Shabby Apple’s pieces to be a refreshing take on the vintage fashions of years past. Old styles absorbed into the contemporary ideas of today, creating fresh, dreamy, almost floating dresses, skirts and tops. I love being able to represent the past while using accessories of today and mixing to make a look all my own.

Not only am I impressed with their unique collections, I also admire Shabby Apple’s story…

“Because they are beautiful. Because they are powerful. Because they have unique distinctions. Because they can use that power and beauty to shape and change the world in individual ways. Because they have always contributed.

 Because I believe in women.”

Shabby Apple was founded in 2006 and created with the idea of empowering women and making them feel beautiful. My favorite part of their plan is how they helped to empower women in the workplace; their company now stands at being over 90 percent owned and operated by women. That’s a pretty amazing feat!

Mixing clothing styles of today with vintage fashions from the past has been an ongoing trend for a long time now and Shabby Apple is helping to do just that! So start giving in to your vintage tastes and grab some pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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Their website is full of creative ideas on how to wear their fab skirts and dresses! Have Fun!



All Photos: Tracy Bove

Copy Ed: Danielle Scaramuzzo