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Stefanie Phan’s limited edition fine art fashion clutches and accessories collection, a lifestyle collection that has redefined what luxury is, is incredibly inspiring to me. Starting with the creation of a fabulous website,, she has gone on to fulfill her dream of creating a lifestyle collection.

I’m especially enamored with Phan’s limited edition acrylic clutches. My favorite, the Satine Clear Acrylic Clutch, is absolutely beautiful. It’s clear simplicity really lets you see every aspect of how beautiful it is; simple, chic, and such a statement piece!

From fun fashion and contemporary to ladylike chic, there is something here for everyone. Each clutch I’ve seen has been like looking at art; I can’t believe they’re collectable! Phan’s really taken her vision of a luxurious lifestyle and her love for the art deco period and crafted beautiful, wearable, conversation starting designs.

Whether you’re going to a romantic dinner for two, a holiday office party, or simply hanging out with your friends, you can always find something just perfect for the occasion from her collection. Designed for today’s contemporary woman, these clutches are a combination of luxurious materials, function and chic style that are truly amazing. It’s hard not to carry yourself with an extra bout of confidence when carrying one of her pieces!

Each of Stefanie Phan acrylic clutches are handcrafted piece-by-piece with exquisite materials using a family-owned couture technique. The result is a first-of-its-kind hardware-free frameless design. Constructed entirely by hand to their NASA specification tolerances the clutch is testament to ultimate craftsmanship. They use the highest aerospace-grade acrylic for the clutches. They’ve even consulted with NASA engineers to help develop this modern grade acrylic for her clutches. What en eye for detail, right? Their California-based family-owned workshop has proudly crafted fine luxury goods for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Philippe Starck. Those are some powerful fashion brands, amazing!


In the spirit of couture, Stefanie’s designs incorporate unorthodox materials and finishes including 24k gold leaf and unique, hand painted designs. Given the artistic approach to her pieces, they are released as one-of-a-kind collectible editions, limited to 3 in a series.

Please visit her website and see the rest of her beautiful collections.




All Photos: Stefanie Phan

Copy Ed: Danielle Scaramuzzo