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Go Wimbledon! YEA!

Tennis is a staple in my life; my mother is and will always be a huge tennis fan. Watching the sport on weekends growing up was part of our mother-daughter time and I enjoyed watching with her. Even when I was at a young age, we could often be found yelling at the television at players such as John McEnroe. Knowing this, you’ll understand my excitement when I saw the latest photos of Wimbledon and spotted the coolest towels!

When Christy, the official Wimbledon Champion tennis supplier, reached out to me and asked if I’d review their new Wimbledon towels, I could not refuse! As soon as I saw these on the courts this year, I knew I needed to have them! Christy was kind enough to send me a few and I’m absolutely amazed. I took the towels out for a spin to the park to relax and catch up on some “me” time by writing in my journal. I noticed the colors are so vibrant and I just love the design! So very chic. They are also beautifully made and so soft to the touch. It’s no wonder that the players at Wimbledon love using Christy towels on the court. And no wonder that Queen Victoria was also a huge fan…

Christy started their business in the 1850’s and had great success after Queen Victoria had been presented with a set of their towels (she immediately ordered six-dozen for the royals!). Her interest sparked a demand for the company and from there it was history.

In 1987, Christy was named the official Wimbledon Champions tennis supplier. The Wimbledon name is not only synonymous with a world class, premier tennis event but also with quality, tradition and heritage. The relationship between the two has definitely proved to be a winning doubles partnership.

In the 90’s, Christy expanded to create their first line of bed linens. The linens boast high thread counts, intricate embroidery and beautifully woven designs in a combination of classic and contemporary styling.

Christy towels are not only available at major department stores and luxury linen shops across the UK and now have their own USA website!

Buy your best accessory this summer and get your very own Christy towel, like the one you see on the Wimbledon courts!

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Copy Ed: Danielle Scaramuzzo